A 40-Day Challenge
Published on March 4, 2012 by Sara Foss

I've given up drinking soda for Lent.

Since I drink soda all the time, this is a huge challenge.

But it's getting easier.

Over at the DG, I attempt to explain what I'm going through.

Here's an excerpt:

"Since entering the work force, I’ve developed a terrible habit.

When I’m on the job, I drink soda constantly.

Specifically, Diet Coke.

I’ve always understood that this isn’t exactly healthy, but for the most part haven’t really worried about it. My theory is that it’s hard to get through life without developing one or two bad habits, and that as bad habits go, consuming copious amounts of Diet Coke is fairly innocuous. I’d never been a smoker, and I rarely drank coffee. Nor do I gamble or abuse drugs. Overall, I’ve always considered myself pretty vice-free.

A spate of recent articles about the pernicious effects of diet soda has caused me to re-evaluate this opinion.
A new study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that drinking diet soda every day is linked with a higher risk of stroke and heart attack, and a study presented last year at the American Diabetes Association last year showed that drinking diet soda is linked with having a wider waistline. I found this last bit of information particularly galling, because of course I was under the impression that drinking diet soda would help me avoid having a wider waistline."

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