A Rational Rage
Published on October 23, 2011 by Sara Foss

In my weekly column at the DG, I write about the murderous rage I flew into last weekend when I got lost hiking.

Here's an excerpt:

"Last weekend I went hiking and briefly became separated from my group.

The separation probably lasted about 20 minutes, maybe 25. But it was long enough to send me into a murderous rage.

We had hiked approximately 10 miles, with a few more to go, when I slipped into the woods to go to the bathroom.

'You guys go on ahead,' I said.

My hiking party took my advice, and by the time I emerged from the trees, they’d vanished. This was curious in and of itself — every other time we’d stopped for a bathroom break, the group had drifted about 15 to 20 feet down the trail and come to a halt, their conversation still audible to the person peeing in the woods — but I didn’t dwell on it. Instead, I went charging down the trail, eager to catch up.

But after a few minutes, I became concerned.

Where were they? Why hadn’t they waited? I had always waited for them. Were they playing a trick on me? Were they trying to mess with my mind? Or had they simply forgotten about me? I started walking faster, and as I walked, I became increasingly furious.

Then it occurred to me that maybe I had done something wrong. Too much time had elapsed; my hiking party was no doubt aware of my absence, and none too happy about it. I looked for trail blazes, and found one. Was I going the wrong way? No. As I stood there, pondering my predicament, it started to rain. I decided that I should turn around, that something — I wasn’t sure what — had gone wrong.

I felt a little frightened, but also irate. I wanted to find my hiking party — which comprised my sister, a close friend and the close friend’s 11-year-old son — and scream at them. And maybe strangle them as well."

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