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A Twitter Poetry Project
Published on March 4, 2012 by guest author: Dan Schneider

After writing a piece about poets using Twitter I became fascinated enough to want to join in myself (though still no  Facebook!).

I’ve also always been fascinated with writer’s notebooks, what interests and obsessions writer’s had, and I have kept a writer’s notebook in one form or another since college when my Creative Writing 101 professor said we all had to keep one. After going to Twitter a few times, I wondered what a writer’s notebook might look like if it were online, and decided Twitter might be a good place to start such a project.

So I am announcing the first ever, (as far as I know) open source, collaborative poetry notebook at @poetrynotes. If you write, or if you don’t, you can read my notes, post a thought, observation, weird  bit of language, or anything that catches your eye or ear and could be fodder for a poem or other form of writing. I’m hoping to create a space where anyone can share the raw material of poems, and then transform it into whatever work they find fitting.

And here are some recent poetry blogs from the web as well:

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Dan Schneider is a former high school English teacher who lives and writes outside of the Rochester, N.Y., area.

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Monica, facebook pusher | March 05, 2012 15:57

You can link your tweets to Facebook, hint hint...

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