And Another Thing!
An Easter Poem
Published on April 8, 2012 by guest author: Barry Wenig

The chocolate bunnies

Stare blindly out through candy eyes

And cellophane wrapping

Unaware of their fate


Surrounded by solid and hollow brethren

Some in profile

Bedecked with decorative ribbons

That mothers will toss away

Denied a chance for offspring

And the ability of movement

Unable to graze or hop

Or wiggle their chocolate noses


When the massacre begins

Bunny parts will fall everywhere

To be chewed upon by quick wiry dogs

And batted by curious kittens


Who is to say why some will begin with ears

And others hind quarters?

Who can make sense of the

Senseless cocoa carnage?


When it is done, what remains

Will be empty glasses of milk

And strands of Easter grass

And unspoken guilt


We shall remember the valiant bunnies

Who gave their lives

So that we might eat them

And let us all say … Yum.


Barry Wenig lives in N.H. with his wife Mary, his daughter Talia and their pets. His son, Eli, is in college in upstate New York.

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