Arts in Hudson
Published on July 23, 2012 by Sara Foss

Over at the DG, I write about some of the fun things I've done in Hudson, N.Y., in recent weeks.

Here's an excerpt:

'I’ve made several trips to the Columbia County city of Hudson in recent weeks and here’s what I can report: Hudson is a cool little city, with an interesting arts community, nifty new venues and some impressive industrial architecture. I haven’t been there during the day, but there appears to be a thriving gallery and antique scene, if you’re into that sort of thing. The drive from my apartment in Albany to downtown Hudson is about 50 minutes and I wouldn’t make it for just anything, but the city keeps hosting events that seem worthwhile. If this keeps up, I’ll be going there all the time.

On Friday, I traveled to Helsinki Hudson, a restaurant/club that is the new home of Club Helsinki, the Great Barrington club that closed its doors in 2009. The two venues have similar vibes, although Helsinki Hudson is larger and perhaps a little more elegant — less roadhouse than nightclub. Like its predecessor, Helsinki Hudson offers a small, intimate atmosphere, great sound and an eclectic schedule. I caught the Americana/folk duo Brown Bird there, and they were pretty impressive, playing an array of instruments (cello, violin, guitar, bass drum, etc.) and producing a surprisingly full and complex sound. David Lamb’s deep, rich baritone reminded me a bit of the Capital Region’s own Sean Rowe, and blended well with MorganEve Swain’s clear, melodious voice."

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