Favorite Albums of 2013
Published on January 14, 2014 by guest author: Eric Perkins

I'm foregoing a traditional Top 10 list this year and going for some completely made-up categories instead. I thought 2013 was a decent year for music. Nothing blew my mind, and judging by the look of other Top 10 (or however many) lists out there, there didn't seem to be much of a consensus about what was great. Anyway, here's some stuff I really liked:

And a few more albums worth checking out: Bombadil, Metrics of Affection; John Grant, Pale Green Ghosts; Houndmouth, From the Hills Below the City; Wild Child, The Runaround; The Front Bottoms, Talon of the Hawk; Nataly Dawn; How I Knew Her, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, We the Common

Eric J. Perkins is a molecular biologist and father of three. He lives in the Boston 'burbs, and what little free time he has is spent listening to music, reading, and writing about music and reading.

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Better Late Than Never: Favorite Albums of 2012

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