Favorite Childhood Games: A List
Published on October 25, 2011 by Sara Foss

15. Rock, Paper, Scissors (Seriously. This can be fun.)

14. Box Dodgeball (Great for recess.)

13. Hide and Go Seek (An oldie, but a goodie.)

12. TV Tag (I was once thrown out of a supermarket for playing this game in the aisles.)

11. British bulldog (Fun, but dangerous.)

10. Duck, duck, goose (I once thought this game was only for little kids. I've since learned that people of all ages can play it.)

9. Ga-ga (A form of dodgeball, I don't think I've played this since I was 14, but man is it fun.)

8. Buffalo tag (We made this game up at camp - basically, everyone pretends to be a buffalo, and runs around charging people.)

7. Marco Polo (I think I am the undisputed champion of this gam.e)

6. Musical chairs (The more competitive the better - this game once inspired an avant-garde youth group play at my church.)

5. Sleeping Lions (If you ever want to get a group of campers to settle down, this is the game to play. More than once I've quieted a wild room full of kids by telling them to lie down on the floor, pretend to be a lion, and see who can sleep the longest.)

4. Sardines (This reverse hide-and-go-seek is even better than hide-and-go-seek.)

3. Fruit Basket (Especially fun if you enjoy bashing people over the head with a rolled up newspaper.)

2. Capture the Flag (Lots of fun when played in the woods, and even more fun when played in a large, open field with a group of rowdy campers.)

1. Tag (The standard version.)

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Eric | October 26, 2011 21:43

I've been reading Jon Ronson's "The Psycopath Test" (which I'll probably write about on this blog when I'm done) and he mentions that L. Ron Hubbard used to make his Scientologist inner circle play all-night long marathon games of musical chairs. Just in case you were ever wondering if you had something in common with L. Ron Hubbard.

Sara | October 27, 2011 21:02

Hmmm. I don't like to be compared to L. Ron Hubbard. Maybe I should rethink the list ...

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