From Waste to Warmth
Published on July 25, 2012 by Sara Foss

Over at the DG, my colleague Margaret Hartley writes in her weekly column Greenpoint about how the paper she recycles at her local church is transformed into a cellulose-based insulation.

Here's an excerpt:

"There are two new bins behind a church in our town, big green bins with black plastic tops. They sort of cement the church as one of our main recycling centers.

We already take old clothes, shoes and books to the church’s thrift store or the clothing collection bin, and bring bottles to the bottle collection bin behind the thrift shore. Now we can bring loose paper and box board too.

The new bins are from Green Fiber, a North Carolina company that recycles paper — newspaper, cardboard, junk mail, office paper — and makes it into insulation. Our town already collects newspaper and corrugated cardboard, but the new bin takes a lot more, including the endless stack of school worksheets that we save for fire starter. Although we’re kidding ourselves if we think we could ever start enough fires to significantly reduce the worksheet stack. Now we can just dump it in the bin, and know it will be used."

Click here to read the whole thing.

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