Goodbye, Ray Allen
Published on July 8, 2012 by Sara Foss

So Ray Allen has spurned the Celtics to sign with the NBA champions, the Miami Heat.

I'm actually fine with this.

I like Ray, and I'll miss him, but I'm not sure he had a clear role with next year's Celtics team, especially with the signing of Jason Terry, another gutsy shooter. Terry isn't as good as Ray, but he is younger, and unlikely, as a former NBA sixth man of the year, to complain about coming off the bench. Ray, on the other hand, was unhappy about being replaced in the starting line-up by Avery Bradley. For those of us excited about a Rajon Rondo-Avery Bradley backcourt, Ray's departure is unfortunate, but nothing to dwell on. Of course, I don't exactly want to watch Ray drain three pointers against the Celtics in next year's playoffs. But I'll worry about that later. 

Weirdly, I don't feel particularly angry about Ray's decision to go to a hated rival. It's a decision that makes sense for him, as he'll likely win a second, maybe even a third, ring, and he won't have to deal with Rondo, whom he reportedly disliked. Also, Ray is a hard guy to dislike. He's got one of the prettiest shots in the history of the NBA, he works hard, he doesn't cause trouble, he seems like a decent, intelligent guy. I wish him well. 

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