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Published on January 17, 2012 by guest author: Kristina Ingvarsson
Living in Guam provides easy access to exciting and, for me, exotic places in Asia.
Over Christmas and New Year's I made my way to Singapore to visit friends and see the city, which is also a country. Singapore is the opposite of Guam - it is buzzing with people, shopping, food and culture from all different corners of the world. 
On Singapore, five million people occupy 268 square miles (compared to Guam's 170,000 people on 205 square miles), packed into one of the world's most fascinating architectural landscape. 

This was my second visit to Singapore, and the new addition to the skyline was Marina Bay Sands, a three skyscraper complex with a boat-shaped sky deck across the three buildings. My friends and I decided to do a "staycation" at the hotel and explore it tourist style.
First on the agenda was a visit to Banyan Tree Spa on the 55th floor, which is right under sky deck. The view from the massage room was incredible over the bay and port area, where hundreds of ships are anchored. The massage was fantastic and the spa was very tranquil and relaxing. From there, we headed to the mall that is connected to the hotel and browsed around the mix of brand stores and American chain stores.
Singapore was an English colony prior to independence, so therefore having afternoon tea was a must. Next on the agenda was the ArtScience Museum, which had the Titanic Exhibit, which well set up and interesting. For the evening we started off at the sky deck, where it was very windy but still warm and pleasant, with a panoramic view of Singapore.
From there we had a delicious dinner at Cuts and finished the night at the casino, where our combined efforts ended up paying for our hotel room. Marina Bay Sands has it all, and is like a miniature Las Vegas in Singapore. It was a fun time and highly recommended. 
Here are a few more pictures of the various sites and sounds we saw:
Kristina Ingvarsson born and raised in Sweden, moved to New Hampshire after college and spent 13 years there before getting relocated to Hawaii and more recently to Guam via a global engineering and construction company. She combines her two passions, traveling and outdoor sports, to meet people and explore new places. An avid runner since 2004, she went from running local 5Ks to the Boston Marathon, and has developed the bad habit of writing way-too-long race reports that few people have the patience to read.
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