Hometown Pride?
Published on October 31, 2011 by Sara Foss

In my weekly column over at the DG, I write about my surprising surge of hometown pride when fellow Lebanon High School alum Ben Cherington was named Red Sox GM.

Here's an excerpt:

"I felt an unusual swelling of hometown pride this week when New Hampshire native Ben Cherington was named general manager of the Boston Red Sox.

Ben Cherington went to my high school, and although I never spoke to him (he was two years ahead of me), I certainly knew who he was.

He was a familiar face in the halls, one of those people you’re aware of despite never having a meaningful conversation or interaction. As soon as he was named GM, my Facebook feed blew up with proud comments from other Lebanon High School alumni. (As well as amusing comments. One schoolmate recalled how Ben was awarded “best hair” in the high school yearbook.) While sportswriters and commentators in Boston debated Ben’s readiness for the job, my hometown friends responded to the news of his appointment with unconditional joy.

Our elation was heightened, I suspect, by the fact that Ben Cherington is now the GM of the Red Sox, as opposed to the San Diego Padres or the Houston Astros or some other team nobody from New England ever roots for. The Red Sox are our team, and now one of our own is running the show."

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