I Like Blowouts
Published on April 2, 2012 by Sara Foss

My dad and I have a basic disagreement when it comes to sports: He likes close games, and I do not.

Let me clarify: I love a close, exciting game, provided the teams I root for are not involved. I've seen great playoff basketball involving super close games between teams I don't really care about - an exciting series five or six years ago between the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards comes to mind. But whenever the Boston Celtics are involved in a close game, my stomach clenches up, and I can barely speak. Such games aren't fun for me. They're painful.

My dad would say that it's more rewarding to win a close game than a blowout, and he's probably right. Nevertheless, I love blowouts. They're not at all stressful, and you get to watch the team you love at their most awe-inspiring. Take Sunday's Celtics-Heat game. The Heat have had their way with the Celtics of late, and the Celtics completely blew them out. This made me very happy, because I hate the Heat. What made me happiest, though, was how awesome the Celtics looked. By the end of the game, I believed they could win the NBA championship, and that second-year guard Avery Bradey is probably headed to the Hall of Fame. That's how good the Celtics looked - I started believing things that are completely implausible.

But that's OK with me. It's kind of fun to believe in the Celtics again, and I'm now fantasizing about a strong finish, followed by a favorable playoff seeding, and an unexpected trip to the conference finals. You never know. During that blowout, they looked like the best team in the league, and it put a smile on my face. Close games almost never have that effect.

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