Is Cooking Fun?
Published on August 27, 2012 by Sara Foss

Over at Slate, Tracie McMillan suggests that foodies should be honest about a basic fact: Cooking isn't fun. She thinks that if more people would admit this, perhaps then we could have a real discussion about how cooking is a time-consuming chore, but a good thing to do regardless. She writes: 

"When the stories we tell about cooking say that it is only ever fun and rewarding—instead of copping to the fact that it can also be annoying, time consuming, and risky—we alienate the people who don’t have the luxury of choice, and we unwittingly reinforce the impression that cooking is a specialty hobby instead of a basic life skill.

So here’s my proposition for foodies and everyone else: Continue to champion the cause of cooking, but admit that cooking every day can be a drag. Just because it’s a drag doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it—we do things every day that are a drag. We take out the trash, we make our beds, we run the vacuum, we pay the bills. These are not lofty cultural explorations, but they are necessary, and so we do them anyway."

I agree with McMillan, to an extent. For me, cooking is a chore - usually I would rather do something else. however, I find that if I force myself to cook, I do enjoy it. The process absorbs me, and I find the end result, if successful, very satisfying. But I'd be a much happier cook if I was independently wealthy and didn't have to get up and go off to a job for eight hours a day. When I get home from work, one of the last things I feel like doing is cooking.

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