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Published on September 30, 2011 by guest author: Tatiana Zarnowski
Last week my co-worker passed out a "job list" from a local martial arts academy that was developed to motivate youngsters to complete chores like making their beds, treating classmates with respect and cleaning up after meals. Those who succeeded, the sheet said, would get an "attitude stripe" at the end of the week, which I assume is the martial arts version of a gold star.

Anyway, it spurred me to think about what I'd put on my own list, a job list that's relevant to adults. Here's the work in progress:


Job list

Declutter total pigsty that is living room
Scrape caked-on food off dishes
Throw away nasty rotten food in fridge
Lug trash to curb
Wash out litter box before cats stage revolt

Get enough sleep so I'm not total zombie at work
Plan meals instead of eating Wheat Thins for dinner
Remember that walking to car does not count as exercise

Try to get there on time. For real.
Stop rolling eyes so much

Balance checkbook in private so sobbing doesn't alarm people in cafe


Tatiana Zarnowski lives in Ballston Spa, N.Y., and she hopes to earn an attitude stripe this week.
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