No Guns For Me, Part II
Published on January 21, 2013 by Sara Foss

Over at the American Prospect, Paul Waldman does a pretty good job of articulating some of my basic feelings on guns.

I don't mind the Second Amendment as much as he does, but I agree with his overall take on the gun issue - that those of us who choose not to own guns have some rights, too, and that living in a country where every social interaction necessitates entering a room full of armed citizens is not something we want to do.

I like Waldman's post because I think we need non-gun owners to stand up and explain why they don't own guns, and why they don't want to. I feel like I've really made an effort to understand why people own guns, and be respectful of this part of American culture, and that I'd like to see gun owners make a similar effort to understand people who don't want to be around guns. Maybe they believe they've done this. But I'm not completely convinced. I do know this: We're constantly being bombarded with the message that gun owners consider owning a gun an intrinsic part of their identity. Well, not owning a gun is an intrinsic part of my identity. It's not like I've never had the opportunity to own one, or think about owning one. As a matter of fact, I've thought deeply about guns. And I'm not a gun person. And that's not going to change.

You can find my previous thoughts on guns here and here.

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