Peanuts and Race
Published on November 26, 2012 by Sara Foss

In honor of Charles Schultz's birthday, SEK over at Lawyers, Guns and Money has posted a nice series of comics examining race in "Peanuts."

"Peanuts" was not overtly political, but in 1968 Schultz took the bold step of introducing his readers to a black boy named Franklin. In the strip, the existence of Franklin wasn't a big deal - he retrieved Charlie Brown's beach ball and helped him build a sand castle. This might not sound revolutionary, but it did generate controversy, with one letter writing telling Schultz, "I don’t mind you having a black character, but please don’t show them in school together." The post includes a horribly racist Dennis the Menace comic from 1970, which helps provide a sense of how forward-thinking Schultz was.

Anyway, it's a pretty interesting piece, especially if you like comics. Click here to read it.

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