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Potty Training Boot Camp 311
Published on July 18, 2012 by guest author: Cindy F. Crawford

In December, I wrote about my attempts to get my then freshly 2-year-old daughter Alli potty trained, mostly because – now on my second kid – I was sick of changing diapers.

If you read that story, “Potty Training Boot Camp,” you could clearly sense my determination to get her in panties and into the world of big people. But in the end, after she peed all over my house and ended the eight-hour ordeal by pooping in her hand instead of the singing toddler potty, I gave up and said in the blog, “One lesson of potty training: The kid has to want it. Not just the parents.”

Boy was I right. I tried one more time, with a slightly less strict “Potty Training Boot Camp 211” during spring break in March and, lo and behold, Alli still wasn’t ready.

But Memorial Day weekend, a month shy of turning 2 1/2, I was vacuuming my bedroom when Alli triumphantly walked in and announced that she had poo-pooed on the potty.

Of course, I didn’t believe her at first. We had been through months of sitting on that fancy little potty to no avail – just a big grin and a couple giggles – so I half-heartedly followed her to see it for myself.

And sitting there in the potty was a turd more fitting of a Rottweiler than a 25-lb toddler. She had done it!, I gave her a high-five and took a picture of her smiling next to the turd in the plastic potty to text to hubby, who was off playing baseball with our 5-year-old son, William. (I debated putting the photo on Facebook to announce our milestone, but decided against it after hubby sent back a “Gross!” instead of “Yippee!” response.)

I worried at first that it was a one-time fluke and put her in the super-thick training panties my mother-in-law bought at JC Penny’s. That was Saturday. By Monday, she was still dry, so I put her in Disney princess undies and we went shopping.

One thing I’ve learned from getting a toddler potty trained early is the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” For the first month, she peed six times an hour and wanted a treat for EVERY time she went. She also – and still does this – likes to check out every bathroom at every establishment we enter, home or store. Sometimes multiple times. And if it’s dirty, forget it. She’ll either try to clean it or refuse to go there.

But for the most part, having her potty trained rocks. She’s only had maybe one accident since Memorial Day weekend, when she did it without the need for a “Potty Training Boot Camp 311” and it happened just like that. On HER terms.

I love it when I prove myself right.

“The kid has to want it. Not just the parents.”

Cindy F. Crawford is the editor of a news publication in Birmingham, Ala., and the proud parent of two spirited young children.

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