Presidential Election Thoughts
Published on November 4, 2012 by guest author: George Costanza's Number One Fan
When George W. Bush won the presidential election in 2000 and then again in 2004, I swore I would do everything in my power to make sure the Democrats won in 2008 and was pretty ecstatic when Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008. I told myself that I would just take the next four years off from worrying about the direction of my country with Obama in office.
My only regret is that Obama is not quite as strong a politician as I thought he was going to be. But he did get health care passed. As opposed to previous elections, I find myself more moderate and don't see a Romney presidency as a reason to go live in Canada.

I started out liberal. I went to a very liberal school in Ohio, the most liberal school I knew with a normal class schedule,  i.e., not Evergreen, Antioch or Hampshire. However, pretty much right after college, I got disillusioned with the far left. In the Fall of 2000, I interned for a liberal political magazine based in New York City, which championed the battle of Gore v. W. Bush as Tweedle-Dee vs. Tweedle-Dum, and told voters in non-battleground states to vote for Nader. I even went to a Nader rally in New York with my press pass. I do think of Nader as a hero - he did get us seat belts.
 As an environmentalist from San Francisco, I never saw Gore as Tweedle-Dee to Bush’s Tweedle-Dum. When Gore lost Florida and the 2000 Election to a poor ballot design, or maybe just a bunch of seniors from Palm Beach County having senior moments at the ballot box, by less than 2,000 votes AND Nader received over 2,000 votes in Florida, I became a political pragmatist overnight and abandoned the magazine that gave me my first "real" professsional position.
This past year, I wasn’t for the Occupy Movement. I'm not a one-percenter in spirit or reality. I just strongly disliked the Occupy Movement - especially Occupy Oakland and any other group that harbors anarchists. All it took was one death in Berkeley caused because the police needed to supervise Occupy Oakland and couldn’t be at their full responsiveness and one brick thrown by an anarchist, even though it hit another protester. Not to mention broken windows all over the place, which made Tea Partyers look like decent people. Although, I’m not a fan of theirs politically either, I rather have a beer with a Tea Partyer, at least they don’t trespass or vandalize. 
While I have gone to the right on Economic issues. I still consider myself a Democrat and don't think I'll ever consider myself a Republican. The reason a Romney president worries me is because I don’t know what to expect. While Obama has been sounding pretty negative since the debates and Romney started to sound coherent at the first debate, I really don’t know where Romney stands on abortion, health care or the environment. Is he a conservative Republican or a moderate one? I wish I knew who he was before election day. What I do know about Romney is that he’ll balance the budget by cutting Sesame Street and not raising taxes and be pretty similar to Obama on foreign policy. 

I currently reside in California, and if my vote counted in the Presidential Election it would only be because Californians thought that this election was Tweedle-Dee vs. Tweedle-Dum. Which could have happened if Romney had run as a moderate. As of Election weekend, I really have no idea what a Romney Presidency would be like, and that's why Romney doesn't have a chance of getting my vote. I wouldn't say that Obama earned by vote. But I do really hope the Redskins beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday to ensure an incumbent victory.
George Costanza's Number One Fan (GCNOF) is an aspiring writer from sunny California. In his free time he bikes and swims. His biggest pet peeve is when riders eat on the San Francisco Bay Area's subway, BART.
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