Record Collecting for Girls
Published on September 6, 2011 by Sara Foss

Courtney E. Smith has a new book out, called "Record Collecting for Girls," which sounds very cool. I haven't read the book, but apparently it functions as a "music-nerd manual," according to The Hairpin, in which "Smith tackles such pressing musical issues as guilty pleasure songs, Top Five Lists, and what it means to like The Smiths too much."

The Hairpin posted an interview with Smith in which interviewer and interviewee express a bunch of opinions about music that I also happen to have - so many, in fact, that a friend of mine asked, as I read snippets of the piece aloud, "Is this interview really with you?" Among other things, Smith and I appear to feel the same way about the Smiths and Bright Eyes, and I think she's right that the Nenah Cherry song "Buffalo Stance" stands the test of time.

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