Richard Thompson at The Egg
Published on September 30, 2013 by Sara Foss

Over at the DG, I write about the Richard Thompson/Teddy Thompson show at The Egg ... and list some bands/musicians I wish would visit the Capital Region.

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Deaf | October 01, 2013 15:20

I used to love seeing live performances. If my favorite band was in town, I'd be there in the audience, cheering them on. I also like visiting rock clubs to hear local bands play their stuff.

Every night, when I got home from these performances, I'd notice my ears ringing. I'd fall asleep with ringing in my ears. The next morning, I wouldn't notice it. But as the years went on, I couldn't understand conversations in noisy restaurants.

One night, after seeing a band with loud guitars and the drummer going wild on his cymbals, I went home with my ears ringing (as usual)... the next morning, I could still hear the tone in my ears.

Ten years later it hasn't stopped. I would say to all of you young folks who love live performances: Is there a reason why it has to be so loud? Why is everything over-amplified nowadays? A few weeks ago I saw a lady folksinger (I won't say her name) who drives around in a truck in the capital region entertaining kids with her folk music. There were may ten little kids (under the age of five) sitting on the ground while she sang and played for them. And she had a huge amp set up, and sang into a mic. Was this amplification really necessary?

Why don't you all step back a moment, and turn the volume down? The music is fine, the decibels don't have to be ear-splitting.

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