Rural Gardens Link Neighbors
Published on August 23, 2011 by Sara Foss

In her column this week at the DG, my colleague Margaret Hartley writes about the bonds forged between neighbors who garden. Reminds me a bit of the Robert Frost poem "Mending Wall," except instead of good fences making good neighbors, here we have good gardens making good neighbors. Which is a nicer idea, I think.

Anyway, here's an excerpt:

"Gardens make neighbors, the bonds and connections that come from sharing. And when your neighbors are gardeners too, there’s a good chance your garden failures will be compensated for with someone else’s bounty.

Zucchini, for instance. Like the school nurse, we don’t have any. We had plenty earlier this summer, and enjoyed tiny squashes, sautéed or in salads, and not-so-tiny ones sliced and mixed with other vegetables. We even have a fair amount in the freezer.

But we ignored some wilting leaves until it was too late — a borer had gotten in the main stems and killed the plants."

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