Some Bands Age Well ... And Some Don't
Published on February 20, 2012 by Sara Foss

Over at the DG, I contemplate some of the bands I liked in high school and college, and whether they've aged well.

Here's an excerpt:

"My friend Beka saw Jane’s Addiction in concert a few years ago, and thought they were terrible — a bunch of has-been alt-rockers acting like it was still the mid-1990s. I’m going to see Jane’s Addiction in two weeks at the Palace Theatre, and I’m interested to see whether I share Beka’s opinion. (I recently learned that Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell and his wife, Etty Farrell, appear on the reality TV show 'Married to Rock,' which in my opinion is not an encouraging development.) In preparation for the concert, I’ve been listening to Jane’s Addiction a little, and trying to assess whether the band stands the test of time.

My conclusion: Yes, Jane’s Addiction’s music is still pretty compelling, if you can ignore the band’s juvenile celebration of drug use and unbridled hedonism. (The song 'Whores,' where Farrell sings 'I love them whores they never judge you,' is pretty dumb.) The 1990 album 'Ritual de lo Habitual' features catchy, propulsive, metal-tinged anthems such as 'Stop!' and 'Been Caught Stealing,' but also works as a concept album, with long, dreamy, complex pieces such as 'Three Days' and 'Of Course.' More than 22 years later, I can find much to admire in Jane’s Addiction’s body of work. The band took risks, and they helped bring alternative rock into the mainstream, which was something to be grateful for if you were living in rural New Hampshire, as I was, and the only musical options were pop and classic rock. And the music holds up pretty well. Not all of it, but most of it."

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