Still Frost Free
Published on September 26, 2011 by Sara Foss

In her column Greenpoint, my colleague Margaret Hartley writes about the change of seasons, and how fortunate we've been not to have a frost.

Here's an excerpt:

"Late September and we’ve avoided frost so far. Since our first frost date — the earliest we can expect a freeze to wipe out the tender plants in our vegetable garden — is Sept. 6, every night that it doesn’t freeze is like a gift. One more day of summer.

We had a few frost warnings a couple of weeks ago, so we picked everything we could just in case. I came home from work one Friday and found the kids — my own two and that teen boy who tends to stand right next to my daughter whenever possible — had filled every available container with vegetables and herbs.

There were two willow laundry baskets of Roma and beefsteak tomatoes, a picnic basket full of cherry and grape tomatoes, a big bowl of green peppers. That was because all the bushel and half-bushel baskets were already filled, with cucumbers, cantaloupes, squash and basil. The back seat of the station wagon is full of watermelons.

I spend the weekend making pesto and salsa, and we had melon with just about every meal. I dried sage and mint in the warming oven of the wood stove, and froze another batch of chard.

But there was no frost, so we’re still picking and the plants are still producing. There’ll be another round of string beans, and maybe enough basil for another batch of pesto before frost. And more cucumber salads."

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