Published on March 22, 2012 by Sara Foss

After it was announced that the Denver Broncos were going to sign Peyton Manning and trade Tim Tebow, I emailed my friend Dave, who is Broncos fan.

Was he happy?

You bet.

Dave was never entirely on board with the whole Tebowmania thing. He wrote, "My favorite non-Bronco is now a Bronco? Te-who?"

I, too, was happy, mainly because Tebow is going to the Jets. Last season, I greatly annoyed making fun of both the Jets and Tim Tebow, and this trade will doubtless increase the opportunities for mockery. Just imagining what it will be like to watch Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, Tebow and Santonio Holmes interact brings a smile to my face. 

Of course, I don't really expect to see Tebow play very much. Sanchez is the Jets' starting quarterback, and although Sanchez has his flaws, he's a much better QB than Tebow. Maybe the Jets have some other plan for Tebow. Who knows. But I'm already looking forward to next year's Jets-Patriots games. Watching the Pats eviscerate the Broncos was one of the highlights of last year's NFL season.

I am not as convinced as everyone else that signing Peyton Manning is a slam dunk. In fact, I'm not even sure it makes sense for Peyton to continue playing football, given that he is recovering from a neck injury. Why risk another neck injury? He has a Super Bowl ring and four MVP awards. What else does he need to prove? That said, I'm looking forward to Peyton's return to the NFL. He's a great player, and it will be fun to watch his comeback.

Next season's NFL season should be intriguing, especially with Saints coach Sean Payton suspended for the entire year because of a bounty scandal. The offseason has been terrific, and the games will probably be even better.



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