The Beluga Whale/Mariachi Band Video
Published on August 4, 2011 by Sara Foss

I'm sure everybody on earth has seen this, but I couldn't resist putting it up. (Also, I am trying to teach myself how to post different types of media. The whale in this video looks very happy - do whales like mariachi music - but I have a friend with a phobia of mariachi bands ("they're always sneaking up behind you in restaurants and playing music," she complains) and she insists that this whale is being tortured. Another friend suggests that living in captivity has resulted in an extremely sheltered worldview. "This whale clearly does not get out much," she wrote. "Of course it thinks mariachi is good music! You don't see Def Leppard standing on the other side of that glass playing 'Let's get rocked,' which I think the whale would enjoy." Whatever. I say: Let the whale enjoy its mariachi music!

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