The Coffee Habit
Published on February 10, 2013 by Sara Foss

Over at the DG, I write about my new habit - drinking coffee.

Here's an excerpt:

"I’ve been drinking coffee lately.

This wouldn’t be a major announcement for most adults, but for years and years and years I didn’t drink coffee at all.

Two of my closest friends in college, Melissa and Ed, drank a lot of coffee. Yet despite spending many, many hours in their company, I never picked up the habit. Which is a bit odd, as I am a social drinker by nature and didn’t have any qualms about drinking lots of beer in their company.

But for some reason, I feared coffee. I feared I would become addicted to it, and require a cup or two every morning just to make it through the day.

Some people don’t drink coffee because they don’t like it.

But I’m not one of those people.

I like coffee just fine.

I can drink it black, and I can also drink it with cream and sugar. I like coffee shops, and coffee-flavored things like ice cream. So why I felt the need to resist giving in to the temptation of drinking coffee, I don’t fully understand.

Now, it is true that I’ve never been a big drinker of warm beverages, so perhaps the temptation just wasn’t that great.

I seldom drink hot chocolate or tea, with the exception of the three years I lived in Birmingham, Ala., when I drank tea all the time, mainly because my good friend Adam drank tea all the time. Adam is something of a connoisseur of fine teas, and he brews a variety of high-quality, loose leaf teas. We often spent our evenings hanging out in his living room, having long talks over hot cups of tea.

After Adam moved away, I tried to maintain this habit of drinking loose leaf tea. I purchased a special teapot, and ordered loose leaf tea from Upton Tea Imports, a specialty tea company based in Massachusetts. But I quickly found that I drank very little tea without Adam around, despite my fancy new equipment and carefully selected flavors of tea, and concluded that hot beverages were just not my thing.

But perhaps I was wrong, because I’ve had no trouble developing a coffee-drinking habit."

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