The Freak Storm
Published on October 30, 2011 by Sara Foss

We didn't get much snow in downtown Albany, so today I decided to go look for some.

I drove out to the Hyuck Preserve in Renselaerville, about 40 minutes away, with my hiking boots, ski poles and snow shoes. I wasn't sure what I would encounter - a foot of snow, or just a few inches. But I wanted to be on the safe side.

The Hyuck is a lovely perserve, with a trail around a lake and a pretty impressive waterfall in the Renselaerville Falls. I've only been out there once before, with a friend who illegally scattered her grandfather's ashes there. It was quiet when I arrived at the preserve, but it was clear other people had been there: There were footprints in the snow, and when I got to the footbridge over the river, which warned visitors not to cross, I could see that others had ignored the sign and climbed right over the wooden barrier and continued along their way. I decided to do the same thing, and was treated to a delightful walk.

The falls were impressive, and I also really enjoyed the austere view of the lake, which seemed unusually silent and stark right before dusk. I would have walked for a while longer, but I couldn't find an easy crossing at the river - the water was high, and the rocks looked too slick - and turned back. By then, the sun was descending, and I was feeling chilled. But I also felt invigorated. All weekend, I'd tried and failed to drag myself out of my apartment, and once I finally made it outside, I realized how much I needed some fresh air.

So I enjoyed the freak October snowstorm. But I hope it warms up, the snow melts, and we don't have anymore until the end of November. At the earliest. Also, I'm going to the British Virgin Islands this week, and the trip can't come soon enough.

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