The Long Days of Summer
Published on July 16, 2012 by Sara Foss

Over at the DG, my colleague Margaret Hartley discusses the importance of slowing down to enjoy summer in her weekly column.

Here's an excerpt:

"We’re in the longest days of the year right now, which should give us the most time to do all the things we love to do — climb mountains, forage for wild fruit, swim in lakes, eat outdoors, watch the sun set, visit with friends and family.

Summertime is all about time, the long lazy days or the days crammed full of too many things to do. The trick is remembering to enjoy the time we have, and to push back against the busyness that tries to steal it.

In a way, we are still programmed from our school days to want summers off, with no obligations but to ride bikes, climb trees, take long walks and eat fresh tomatoes.

But we’re all grown up now, and we’re supposed to stay busy. This is the first summer everyone in my family is working — the teen daughter with a full-time summer job plus dance classes, and the boy with an extremely part-time job doing chores at a neighbor’s house."

Click here to read the whole thing.

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