Things Mitt Romney Didn't Win
Published on November 15, 2012 by Sara Foss

So I see that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are blaming Obama's re-election on unprecedented turnout from urban voters, which is their not-very-secret code for black people. Their whining refrain has quickly grown tiresome, though it's generated some good laughs, what with Charlie Webster, the chair of the Maine Republican Party, complaining that dozens and dozens of black people cast ballots in rural Maine.

In any case, it's no secret the Romney/Ryan ticket fared poorly among urban voters. But here are some other places where it fared poorly:

1. Paul Ryan's home district, where Obama/Biden won

2. States where Mitt Romney owns houses, which includes California, Massachusetts and New Hampshire

3. Michigan, where Mitt Romney's father served as governor

4. The affluent suburbs of Virginia

5. Three of the whitest states in the country: Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine


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