Tommy Stinson Rocks
Published on August 19, 2011 by Sara Foss

The Replacements disbanded some time ago, and bandleader Paul Westerberg has since transformed into a sensitive singer-songwriter.

But Mats bassist Tommy Stinson is still making raucous, punkish rock and roll, and is set to release his second solo album, One Man Mutiny, later this month.

The Rolling Stone website features an item about Stinson and his new album, and a recording of his new single "It's a Drag."

I saw Stinson perform with the Saratoga Springs-based band The Figgs a while back at Valentine's in Albany, and he absolutely rocked. I was hoping he would play some Replacements songs, but he didn't, but he was still very much worth seeing.

Here's a video of Stinson's old band, Bash and Pop, performing the song "Fast and Hard" on the Dave Letterman show.

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