Watching "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
Published on March 26, 2014 by Sara Foss

Over at the DG, I review the new Wes Anderson movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

Here's an excerpt:

"I had some time to kill before the Saturday evening showing of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' that I attended, and so I swung by the coffee shop next door to the Spectrum.

'It’s been busy,'" the barista told me. 'And it’s Wes Anderson’s fault.'

Anderson is the whimsical auteur responsible for 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' and his movies are highly anticipated among a certain subset of moviegoers. The screening I attended was packed with people who had clearly seen his previous films, and were delighted to see Anderson regulars such as Bill Murray and Owen Wilson pop up in small roles. Because Anderson has such a devoted following, the stakes seem to get higher with each new release. Fans excitedly discuss whether the film is great or merely good; his detractors complain that his work is cartoonish, mannered and has no heart.

Meanwhile, I keep wondering whether Anderson will ever make a film as good as his animated adaptation of 'Fantastic Mr. Fox.' 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' is a very good movie ... but it doesn’t surpass 'Fantastic Mr. Fox.'"

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