Wearing a Hoodie
Published on March 25, 2012 by Sara Foss

I wore my hooded sweatshirt the other night when I went out to eat with my family. My sister's boyfriend wore a hooded sweatshirt, too.

"We're lucky nobody tried to kill us," I told him.

But nobody looked at us askance for wearing hooded sweatshirts, perhaps because we are white people from New England. However, according to Geraldo Rivera, wearing a hooded sweatshirt is asking for trouble - if somebody shoots you while you're wearing one, it's your own damn fault for dressing like a thug. Of course, Geraldo Rivera is an idiot, and would rather blame a hooded sweatshirt for the death of Trayvon Martin than talk about something like racism or whether Stand Your Ground laws make any sense. Yup, blame the victim and his scary hooded sweatshirt.

I wore my hooded sweatshirt the other night because I was cold. But on Sunday churchgoers wore hooded sweatshirts to honor Trayvon Martin. You can read about that here.


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