What's My Age Again?
Published on November 18, 2013 by Sara Foss

Over at the DG, I write about feeling a bit old when I watch sports, or listen to 17-year-old singer Lorde.

Here's an excerpt:

"Lately I’ve been getting ominous messages through Facebook warning me that my high school reunion is fast approaching. I went to my 10th, and I’ll probably go to this one, too. But I have no intention of helping plan the thing, or build a float for the alumni parade, or any of that stuff. Mainly I’m interested in satisfying my basic curiosity about what has happened to all those people I went to high school with.

I recently got together with some friends from high school, and they seemed equally astonished that our 20th reunion will be held this summer. Is it really possible that we’re almost 40? Frankly, this is unbelievable. I don’t feel at all like someone who will soon be 40. Maybe it’s because I don’t have children. Or maybe it’s because I don’t understand numbers. But I still think of myself as someone who is fairly young. Like maybe in my mid-20s. Of course, this illusion can only be maintained as long as I don’t spend any time with people in their mid-20s.

Recently, I’ve become dimly aware that most major league athletes are younger than I am, and that those close to my age who are still playing are widely regarded as old. And not just old. But as freaks of nature who are defying the odds. 'How many years does the 36-year-old Tom Brady have in him?' football commentators are fond of asking. 'How much longer will Kevin Garnett’s knees hold up?' basketball observers like to ask. 'After all, he’s 37 YEARS OLD!'"

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