When Bands Fall Off Cliffs
Published on October 30, 2011 by Sara Foss

In an interesting piece, the Guardian takes a look at bands that were once hugely popular, but then fell off a cliff. The piece opens by discussing the Kaiser Chiefs, a band I was never really into, but was still surprised to learn has released three albums since their successful debut, which spawned the hit "I Predict A Riot." The local alternative rock station still plays this song, but I've never heard a single track off the band's two follow-ups. 

In fact, the article names a number of bands and artists that were a constant presence on local radio, but have never matched that early success again. Such as: Duffy and MGMT.

Just today, I listened to the 1993 Belly album "Star," which I absolutely loved. But I remember being extremely disappointed in the follow-up, "King," and eventually selling it. In other words, bands have been falling off cliffs for a long time.

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