You Should Go To Iceland
Published on September 28, 2011 by guest author: Beka Smith

I went to Iceland on vacation and loved it. Here are five cool things I saw.

5. The Blue Lagoon: Icelanders get most of their power through geothermal plants. One of the byproducts is a pool of milky blue liquid that’s surprisingly beautiful and good for your skin. It’s like going to a spa on Venus or Mars.

4. The mid-Atlantic rift at Þingvellir National Park: You can literally walk along the crack between the Earth’s plates, which tower far above your head. The park also has lovely waterfalls, which are so common they're almost not worth mentioning.


3. The sheep: If you drive anywhere outside of Reykjavik you will see thousands of sheep wandering around unpenned. They look remarkably happy and fulfilled. They’ve mutated to fit the island’s climate, with what looks to be twice as much fur as normal. Their wool also has a water resistant property that makes warm Icelandic sweaters.


2. Reykjavik’s music scene: With no cover charge, you can wander from bar to bar and check out as many bands as you like, all night. Due to the staggeringly high cost of alcohol, Icelanders tend to drink heavily at home before heading out, rendering them even more friendly and charmingly sarcastic than usual.

1. Jokulsarlon: a glacial lagoon filled with massive icebergs that shine a brilliant blue in the sunlight. A boat will take you out among them, giving you a chance to notice their unique shapes, or you can drive a little further up the road and watch the ocean smash them back towards the beach.


Beka Smith lives in Seattle and works for the housing authority. She enjoys spreadsheets, soccer, tv, music, and books.

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